Why Travel To Tibet?

Why travel to Tibet?

The Dalai Lama once said:

Go to Tibet and see many places, as much as you can; then tell the world.

I did and I have; I am – telling YOU.

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Tibet is geographically unique, has clear skies, bright warm sunshine, huge grasslands, clean fresh air, and an enchanting ancient culture. The majestic snowed under peaks of the awesome Himalayan Mountains that surround you, make the hairs on the back of your neck stand and salute them. Add to this some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Travel to Tibet

* Tibetan landscape

Everywhere I went there was a nod and smile and people went out of their way to accommodate me. They seemed to understand and respect the position I was in as a lone traveller surviving in a foreign land.

Cover of Child of Tibet - a lost innocence

I went there to experience the wonder of the landscape and the joy of the people, and to share this experience by creating a coffee table photography book titled child of Tibet – a lost innocence. I photographed the children; the future of Tibet.

I was overwhelmed by the joyful and calming influence of the Tibetan people. They showed a remarkable strength and courage to survive, despite years of suffering and systematic cultural cleansing by the Chinese.

I also had the honour - outside Tibet, in India - to meet and talk with the Dalai Lama, a day I will never forget.

Me and the Dalai Lama

I was unsure how to greet him, but he made it easy for me. He strode towards me, arm outstretched, and firmly shook my hand. We sat and I told him of my plans for the book and my experiences in getting here. I asked His Holiness if he would consider writing the foreword for my book child of Tibet – a lost innocence, and of course, he kindly obliged. He also giggled a lot.

He encouraged me to take photos of him and have photos taken of us. He then went into another room and returned with some blessed gifts for me to hand out in Tibet. He warned me to choose carefully whom to pass them onto so I would come to no harm.

I handed out the gifts at any guesthouse I stayed at, which were usually run by a Tibetan family. The reaction I received was always with much gratitude and minor hysteria. At one particular guest house, the family to whom I gave some gifts squealed with joy and happiness. The mother ran around the room laughing and crying. The whole family touched my head because I had met their spiritual leader. It was an extraordinary feeling spreading the word of the exiled Dalai Lama throughout a repressed Tibet.

It's quite some time ago now, but the country hasn't stopped fascinating me. It's not just the beauty of the people or the captivating nature. Being there is nothing less than a spiritual experience you won't encounter anywhere else.

Ganden monastery, Tibet

* Ganden Monastery

I recall one early morning at Ganden monastery, high above the magnificent Kyi Chu valley. I was quietly sitting in a room that was softly lit with the filtered morning sunlight. A delicate mix of dust, burning yak butter lamps, burning sandalwood and juniper added to the potpourri of smells filling the crisp morning air, and the soft murmur of chanting monks, comforted me and soothed the soul.

Inside Ganden

* Inside Ganden Monastery

This web site will help those who would like to go in my footsteps and travel to Tibet, by presenting a mix of factual information and personal experiences. By using notes from my original travel journal I hope to transmit what I felt when I was there and at the same time tell you how to make the most of YOUR visit.

I hope you WILL go there. It's the experience of a lifetime and it's absolutely necessary that people from outside visit Tibet because Tibet is now at a precarious point in its turbulent history. The Chinese are poised to launch a systematic migration of ethnic Chinese into Tibet, to finally overwhelm and smother the Tibetan nation by shear weight of numbers.

This ancient culture and beautiful people, share with you, as all people do, the right to live in freedom and harmony with their land, their people and their spirituality. I urge you to support the Tibetan cause.

The Dalai Lama once said:

Go to Tibet and see many places, as much as you can; then tell the world.

This web site and my photography book aim to do just that.

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